How To Join
WOMEN OF THE (239) is a social club for women of Naples, FL. We provide interactive experiences to support women as they seek quality of life & longevity through meaningful friendships, wellness, continuous learning & enriched individual purpose.
The submission of applications for membership in Women of the (239) is closed for 2020.
If you have submitted an application and wish to check on your waitlist status, you may do so by clicking HERE
We will invite members to join us as openings arise, however, we do not anticipate any openings until the end of 2020.
Women of the (239) is a network of women who are actively engaged in improving their individual well-being & the well-being of their community. 
The fundamental values of Women of the (239) are friendship, community, generosity, discovery, & wellness.
Women of the (239)
P.O. Box 1233
Naples, FL 34106